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Located in the heart of downtown, Materia Relais is 5 minutes walk from the train station and 4 minutes from the bus stop.

The strategic location of the structure allows you to quickly reach the main sites of tourist and cultural attraction of Campania.

Materia Relais rises in fact, 5 km from the Abbey of the Holy Trinity, 9 km from Salerno, 5 km from the Amalfi Coast, 50 km from the Temples of Paestum, 20 km from the excavations of Pompei, 50 km from Capodichino Airport (Naples) .

Cava de ‘Tirreni is a place of selected tourism: it offers culture, history, architecture, art, environment, pleasant and green woods, hills near the sea, mountain excursions and itineraries between the green and the sea.

In fact, it is an excellent choice for travelers interested in walks in historical, archaeological and religious sites, as well as walks on fascinating hiking trails and breathtaking views.

The name “Bologna of the South”, assigned decades ago to Cava de ‘Tirreni, is due above all to the beauty and elegance of its main course, which extends for about a kilometer, surrounded by characteristic arcades dating back to the fourteenth century.

In the initial part (coming from the highway) the course is wider and full of modern commercial activities to form what is a true natural open-air shopping center. Piazza Duomo opens around the middle of the path. The second part of the course is narrower and more tortuous and is punctuated with catering activities of a certain level, along with ancient craft shops.

Who walks among the arcades can enjoy a particular enchanting atmosphere, between antiquity and modernity. In addition to the arcades, other architectural beauties can be admired, in Piazza Duomo, for example you can visit the sixteenth-century restored Cathedral and the artistic dolphin fountain, by the Cavese sculptor Alfonso Balzico. Going ahead towards Salerno, proceeding along the Corso, you arrive at the piazzetta Di Mauro, where you can admire the splendid and stupendous pre-Baroque architecture of S.Giovanni and the Chiesa del Purgatorio, erected by the Artists, belonging to the homonymous archconfraternities founded in 1596 After the Church of Purgatory, the real Borgo Scacciaventi begins, and here it is worth noting the ancient palaces with portals in carved stone and the courts with Aragonese architectural style. At the end of the Borgo Scacciaventi opens the luminous Piazza S. Francesco with the sixteenth-century Church of the Madonna of the Olmo, together with the Sanctuary and the Convent of S. Francesco.

Cava de ‘Tirreni is also renowned for an intense city nightlife, to the point of becoming a regional reference point, thanks to the operators who have demonstrated their ability, quality and innovation, without neglecting respect for the rules, welcoming thousands of people into the city of people in a context of beauty and safety.

For the Christmas period, in particular, thanks to the initiative of the managers of public places, the traditional “Aperitifs along the Corso” and other events are organized, which attract thousands of visitors from all over the region, together with the beautiful light show along the historic arcades, accompanied by local music bands.

The historical events of the town, which fall in the summer, are the Festa del SS. Sacramento, the parades of the processions, such as that of Charles V, the Challenge of the Tromboniers, and other events such as theatrical ones, with Le Notti al Castello and the Li Curti Award.

Cava and its Borgo are well worth a visit. From anywhere in Italy you come!

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